Why Choose Us

At Puretone Hearing Clinic our primary goal is to empower you to make the best choice for your hearing needs. We collaborate with you as an individual to provide unbiased, objective advice and offer all the time you need to get the right outcome.

Independent, advice with main focus on improving your communication!

We’re a locally owned and run, proudly independent organisation, with no ties to suppliers looking to sell a particular product. We are not motivated by earning commissions and meeting sales targets, but by the ability to provide superior patient care, free of compromise or bias.

Professional facts

The recommendations you receive from us will be for the product that best suits your needs, rather than the one that provides the largest profit to your audiologist.
Our audiologists remains committed to maintaining an ongoing focus on their education. They continue to learn about the latest technologies, advances and practices to deliver the most up to date information, rather than relying on supplier-endorsed products that may have since been superseded.
Your decision can be as informed as possible because you will be given all the information you need rather than information skewed to a particular brand.
You can select from a range of brands that are available on the market, rather than being restricted to one or two.
Our Audiologists are certified by national association (Speech and language Canada) and registered with College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC.

 General facts

We are conveniently located on very popular Scott Road in Surrey and on 16th Avenue in White Rock.
Our clinics are located on ground level units with wheel chair friendly doors.
We are open 9.00 AM to 5 PM on all weekdays and by appointments on Saturdays. We are flexible and can be open a bit earlier or later during weekdays for your convenience when possible.
Free Parking is available at our all locations.

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