Types of Hearing Aids

There are multiple types of hearing aids, and finding the right style depends on personal preferences, budget, desired features, and the degree of hearing loss. At Puretone Hearing Clinic, we provide professional consultation to help people find affordable, stylish, and effective hearing aids.

We have a wide array of hearing aids at our clinics. Hearing aids vary in terms of speaker placement and aesthetics. The most common styles are:

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

Completely in the canal hearing aids are small and discreet devices. CIC hearing aids lack features found in larger devices, but they are much smaller and do not get tangled with face masks. Some of the benefits include comfort, ease of use, and good sound quality.

In the Canal (ITC)

In-the-canal hearing aids are slightly larger than CIC hearing aids, but they provide additional features. Some of these features include volume control, directional sound channels, and reduced feedback.

In the Ear (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids are tiny and must be custom-molded to fit within a part of the ear canal. ITE hearing aids have multiple styles, and the molding may fit deeply within the canal, or only slightly. ITE hearing aids match skin tones, making them almost undetectable.

Behind the Ear (BTE)

A behind-the-ear hearing aid is a common type that looks similar to a headset. BTE hearing aids wrap around the user’s ear making it easily visible. An earpiece is fitted to the user and then connected with the tube worn around the ear to enhance sound quality.

Receiver in the Ear (RITE)

The receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids look similar to BTE devices, but the speaker location is different. In RITE hearing aids, the speaker is placed directly in the ear. With BTE hearing aids, the receiver is held in the system wrapped around the ear. RITE hearing aids are also thinner than BTE hearing aids.

Do You Need a Hearing Aid or Evaluation?

We encourage anyone with potential hearing loss to visit the Puretone Hearing Clinic. We provide hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings to ensure that everyone finds the ideal hearing aid for their lifestyle, budget, and hearing needs.

A properly fitted hearing aid can improve one’s life with the gift of clear sound. Our team of audiologist works closely with you to overcome any hearing challenges. Contact us today to book an assessment.