Cost of Hearing Aids

The cost of hearing aids varies greatly depending on a few important details. The degree of hearing loss, the level of technology, lifestyle needs, and accessibility are the primary factors that have an impact on the cost of a hearing aid. As a rule, most hearing aids cost between $1,000 to $3,000, but the cost of hearing aids does not always reflect performance.

The quality of sound and acoustics, performance, adaptability, efficiency is the difference between the cost of hearing aids at premium- mid and low technology levels. Performance of a premium technology is not the same as the technology at other levels below the premium technology level.

Different manufacturers set the same standards for the hearing aids, and it is always the premium technology levels that have all the features, so the hearing aid performance is at its finest, optimum performance.

The most crucial decision is not only the cost but also the experience and care of your hearing health professional who is required to make the necessary adjustments to your hearing aids that are tailored to elicit the best performance to match your hearing loss and requirements.

The Audiologists at Puretone Hearing Clinic go out of their way to help clients get adjusted to their new routine. Our happy clients and seniors are a testimony of this commitment, vast knowledge, and expertise in the field of Audiology that the Audiologists at Puretone Hearing Clinic take pride in.

There is no one-size-fits-all hearing aid,

At Puretone Hearing Clinic, we carry all different styles of popular hearing aid devices including the rechargeable and Bluetooth compatible models from all major hearing aid brands from Europe and USA. Our team provides hearing evaluations and fittings to ensure help you find a helpful hearing aid. We work within your budget and provide as many options as possible.

Determining the Costs of Hearing Aids

The cost of a hearing aid is determined by the depth of technology and features in the hearing aid. If you are looking for best quality sound with reduced feedback issues, offers multiple programs and compression modes, and offers maximum noise reduction- advanced to premium level technology is your best choice.

An entry-Mid level hearing aid technology will be less expensive but will have fewer advanced features. This does not mean lower-end hearing aids are ineffective, but the most effective kind of hearing aid is the one that is professionally fitted for your hearing needs. A proper hearing aid fitting and professional assessment will ensure any device corrects hearing loss.

Visit Puretone Hearing Clinic to Avoid Overpaying

At the Puretone Hearing Clinic, our Audiologists can help you find a hearing aid that fits your hearing needs and lifestyle. With our vast selection of hearing aid brands and styles, we have multiple options to fit any budget.

Our registered and local audiologists will work closely with all of our clients to diagnose their degree of hearing loss, fit appropriate hearing aids and guide your through for better hearing with our best in industry aftercare. Visit the Puretone Hearing Clinic in Surrey, White Rock, or Vancouver to get a professional assessment. Contact us today to book an appointment.