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How often should I visit an audiologist?

How often should I visit an audiologist?

It is important to get hearing consultations, but how often should you do it? This is a great question because it’s difficult to notice the early signs of hearing loss. Ideally you want to get your hearing tested before you start experiencing any problems. This early hearing test establishes a baseline from which future tests will show if there’s been any degree of loss.

Generally speaking, adults should have a hearing test every three years. This can be bumped up, of course, if one is regularly exposed to noisy environments, either at work or at play, or if you have other concerns about your hearing. It doesn’t hurt to go more often.

After 60, it’s recommended that people visit the hearing clinic every 2 years, or every year if there are problems. Cumulative damage starts to build up and show itself as people move into this age bracket. Some type of hearing loss occurs in 65% of people over 70-yrs-old.

If you do start experiencing signs of hearing loss, get your hearing checked as soon as possible. Common signs include finding yourself straining to hear during conversations, or pain or ringing in your ears. Finding it harder to understand conversations or constantly increasing the volume are other signs.

When to seek audiologist care:

  • Every 3 years as an adult
  • Every 2 year as an adult over 60
  • If you’re straining to hear or sounds are dull
  • If you have pain or ringing in your ears
  • If you’re having a harder time understanding conversations
  • If you keep increasing the volume on your devices

Once you start experiencing hearing loss, the sooner it’s treated, the better the outcome. Visit HealthLink BC for more information on hearing loss in adults.

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